Reading is a hobby for people all over the World, everyone s favourite book, genre of book; author and style of book will be different from the next, which is why it s such an exciting thing to do. From a young age as children you are encouraged to read books by your teachers at school and by your parents, and at this age it probably seems more like a chore than a hobby, but I can more or less guarantee that it will develop into a hobby as you grow up! There is nothing better than curling up in from of a nice warm fire and reading a good book.

Everyone tends to remember that first book they read when reading stopping being something you were told to do and turned into something you wanted to do. As you grow up the kind of books you read change a lot, for some it might be as simple as a change from fictional to fact, or romantic to thriller, cookery to child care to the increasingly popular self help books. You can also read about pretty much every celebrity past and present in their official autobiographies and numerous biographies.

Here on Facet Shop we are going to be your very own online book club. You can find out about all the latest books, from self help to autobiographies to fiction to horror as well as looking to the old classics like Adrian Mole. Facet shop isn t just a site for adults either, there will be pages on some of the best books for teenagers too, so sit back and enjoy!